Road Safety Ireland

Driver Training Centre of Excellence

What we do...

Road Safety Ireland deliver first class driver training that's both educational and memorable with a huge emphasis on the "in car" training experience.
Our training is geared towards:
  • Emergency Services Training
  • Business & Fleet Drivers
  • Teen Drivers (13 years +) those just starting and those already on the road
  • Back on the road Post Collision Training
It has long been known, that lapses in driver concentration lead to potential situations going unnoticed by the driver and ultimately to a collision.
We look at the most common causes of accidents and train you to:
  • Avoid becoming involved in an potentially dangerous situation
  • Take corrective action should an undesirable situation arise

What's covered...

Advanced driving skills
Hazard Perception
Advanced car control
Safety features

Why us...

Interactive Safety Hall
Safe & controlled environment
Experienced instructors
Real life situations
Master your own vehicle
Purpose built Off Road Circuit covering the most Difficult Road Situations

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